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How To Contact Someone About a Rule Interpretation

Any person having questions about the interpretation of NFHS rules should contact the rules interpreter designated by his or her State High School Association.

Each State High School Association adopting NFHS sports rules is the sole and exclusive source of binding rules interpretations for contests involving its member schools.

The NFHS is the sole and exclusive source of model interpretations of NFHS rules. State rules interpreters may contact the NFHS for model rules interpretations. No other model rules interpretations should be considered.

How To Contact A NFHS Staff Member

Association members may consult the staff directory in the State Association area. (Be sure to login first!) Other inqueries may be submitted through our online contact form.


For information regarding the June Scholastic Basketball Events, contact Davis Whitfield (

Interpretations: All interpretation questions are to be directed to the local state association. The NFHS only addresses interpretations at the request of the state association. To locate your state association, please see click here.